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Ramseier Suisse AG mit neuem Auszeichnungssystem

Since June 2016, Ramseier Suisse AG in Sursee, Switzerland, has used the Autexis Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to label its goods on the UCF line. This new innovative solution from Autexis replaces the Pago label printing solution and is used by Ramseier Suisse AG as a future platform for developing further solutions in the field of digital transformation.

About Ramseier Suisse AG

Ramseier Suisse AG, one of Switzerland’s largest beverage manufacturers, has been operating under this name since 2008. The company produces fruit and fruit juices, sweetened drinks, mineral water, syrup and beer. Its own range includes long-established brands such as Ramseier, Sinalco, Elmer Citro and Elmer Mineral. These brands can be found in all important retail outlets and various restaurants in Switzerland. 50,000 tonnes of fruit are squeezed during average harvest years. Ramseier Suisse AG also operates the largest independent Swiss brewery in Hochdorf, Switzerland. Over 45 million units of beer are brewed and bottled there.

From the actual analysis to implementation

A concept for Ramseier Suisse AG’s new labelling system was developed based on an actual analysis. The new labelling system’s proposed system architecture can be beautifully integrated into the existing company architecture and infrastructure at the Sursee, Hochdorf and Elm locations.

The concept: Innovative labelling and print management solution on a web-based platform The labelling system consists of five components: the print management module and the Autexis MES ERP integration module, the new pallet ID controller and the label printing system. The Autexis MES server that is centrally managed by Fenaco IT in Winterthur is linked to the various locations in order to ensure labels can be printed at any time and the labelling system can be optimally scaled to multiple products. This allows for a smooth transition from existing PAGO systems to the new web-based pricing system. MES’ full potential can be exploited with OEE, KPI, order management, etc. in the next phase. In the future, Autexis MES will enable plants to be expanded and optimised by integrating machines and other modules.

Client benefits

Thanks to the new labelling system with the Autexis MES Print Management Module, Ramseier Suisse AG has integrated even more user-friendly and agile printer software. Printers are now able to be centrally controlled and monitored. For Ramseier, this means that labelling can be carried out in an even more flexible and mobile manner directly from ERP via MES to the printers, which are automatically triggered by the PLCs via the MES. As a result, duplicate data entries can be reduced, errors can be minimised by increasing process reliability and data can be continuously acquired.

by Fabian Frey, Project Manager at Autexis IT AG

‘In Autexis, we have found a competent and professional partner who can respond precisely to our needs by identifying solutions. The labelling process is considerably easier and more reliable thanks to the solution developed by Autexis.’

Andreas Balmer, Chief Operating Officer at Sursee